Welcome to Status Residency

2BHK and 3BHK apartments that offer the best modern urban living in Margao.

Status Residency by Rumeet Dwellers is a premium residential community located in the tranquil neighbourhood of Margao, Goa. The architects and designers have meticulously planned every detail of the project, from the contemporary designs to the spacious exteriors, to create a luxurious living experience. The state-of-the-art amenities have been thoughtfully designed to offer residents a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, while the location ensures easy access to all necessary amenities.

Rumeet Dwellers has focused on creating homes that seamlessly blend luxury and practicality, making Status Residency the epitome of modern urban living. The exclusive community features 62 flats, with a carpet area from 92 to 150 square meters each, and a private balcony/verandah, providing a premium living experience. The project offers a variety of meticulously crafted residences, catering to the discerning tastes of today's homebuyers, and is home to 2BHK and 3BHK flats. With 4 commercial units for shops and offices, the project is also a great space for businesses to thrive. The gated community offers a secure and private living experience, with a range of exclusive amenities that add flair to the lifestyle of its residents.

Amenities for a Contemporary Living Experience

Status Residency offers modern facilities tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

  • Developed Road SystemA well-planned road system ensures smooth navigation and easy access for residents and visitors alike.

  • Water SupplyUninterrupted access to clean and safe water, meeting their daily needs effortlessly.

  • Sewage and Drainage SystemA seamless waste disposal system ensures that our property ensures cleanliness and hygiene for all residents.

  • Electricity SupplyA reliable electricity supply with 24-hour backup systems is in place for daily needs.

  • Transformer And Sub StationEquipped with advanced transformer and substation facilities, ensuring efficient distribution of electricity to all units.

  • Solid Waste Management And DisposalAn initiative to promote eco-friendly practices and ensure a clean environment for our residents.


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